The Longings of the Wistful Wanderer

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Happy Tumblrversary, Hexeosis!
High Quality Version Here:
Last week, I read that Hexeosis is celebrating a one year Tumblrversary this month! I’ve been inspired by Hexeosis so many times, I decided that I should help celebrate that milestone myself - so I whipped up some fresh new designs, and I’m really pleased with this work!
Congrats Hexeosis, every one of your works has inspired countless other designers and hexagon appreciators everywhere, so this is for you! I can’t wait to see what kinds of designs you create in this coming year!
This GIF is one in a set named “Hexeosiversary”, a tribute to one of the GIF world’s heroes, Hexeosis.
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Hexeosiversary 8 - SeaPunk Version
High Quality Version Here:
This is a post processing variation of this design, which I created to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of designer hexeosis starting to post GIFs to the internets.
Boy oh boy do I love post-processing! I recently changed my workflow so that Blender now outputs its renders with each render pass saved into its own channel in an OpenEXR Multi-Layer file.
Pro: Now I have like 36 new channels to play with for each rendered frame, and a zillion more options in the post processing step of my creation process.
Con: Nothing but Blender’s compositing system reads these files with the Multi-Layer information, Including the Blender Animation Preview window. Wtf. So I need to build a whole post-processing scene just to get an animated preview of something that may have just taken hours to render already.
To me, It’s an inconvenience that’s well worth the effort trade off. No idea what I’m talking about? Prepare your brain splatter guard, and watch this EXCELLENT VIDEO TUTORIAL about how to use each of the render passes that Blender’s Cycles render engine can output.
What do render passes have to do with the SeaPunk variation of this design? Well, I had already completed the render for the previous GIFs and had these Multi-Layer EXRs laying around. I wondered what playing with some of those new passes would yield, and by just throwing the Mist pass, the Emit pass, the Ambient Occlusion pass, and one cup of Butter together in a pot, I produced most of what you’re seeing here in about two minutes.
What is SeaPunk? You’ve probably never even heard of it. I don’t understand it. I guess it’s like Punk + Emo + Hipster, so it would sound like “Soft, Obscure, Misunderstood, Rage”? I don’t even. Google’s Image Search seems to think it has colors similar to this image.
This GIF is one in a set named “Hexeosiversary”, a tribute to one of the GIF world’s heroes, Hexeosis.
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A devout face, a wolf’s teeth.
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